About us / the idea

We all have to do our little and big business every day – whether we like it or not.
But every business leaves its mark.

But there’s the time-tested toilet brush (think at least most of them).

The toilet will be “clean” – at least at first glance, but now it is no longer the toilet brush.

When about 2 years ago when a birthday of the 2-year-old son of a guest has discovered the toilet brush as a microphone and the dog has always sniffed on the toilet brush – if he had the opportunity, it was clear “there must change something – especially we among others occupationally active in the hygiene sector. We were firmly convinced that we would find the Internet. So we were looking for something like a “disposable toilet brush”. Surprisingly without success. Even suppliers with whom we had talked about this topic could not help.

From our grandparents we still know the handkerchief that they always had with them and used several times.
Thank God we got the tissue that replaced the unhygienic cloth handkerchief today.

The same we wanted to reach concerning the toilet brush.

Because we all know the problems with the toilet brush and its handling: spraying, dripping, unpleasant odor, unsightly and discolored toilet brush and toilet brush holder. An excellent place for germs and bacteria and their distribution.

So far there is no suitable alternative to the toilet brush – until now.

After a long and intense period of development, we have finally completed an unprecedented innovationTHE WC STICK.

From day one, the cornerstones of this project have been environmental protection, sustainability, “Made in Germany” and social responsibility.

Owned by Kurt Falkowski, the Herbolzheim-based company Chemtech supported our project with 30 years of sanitary experience and expertise in hygiene.

The company Nordplug Kunststoffwerk, owned by Dipl. Ing. Frank Germeroth, contributed to the development of our invention and brought profound expertise in the production of plastic components to the project.

Last but not least, Martin Konietzny supported the creation of our revolutionary product with his experience in IT, marketing and sales.

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