WC stick – revolutionary hygiene for your bathroom

Try now and you will never want to miss this brand new sanitary innovation again!

The distance from fecal residue (feces) after using the toilet, it was assumed so far in front with a commercially available toilet brush with bristles or a bristle-free toilet brushes.

But everyone knows the associated, even dangerous problem:
Formation of harmful germs and bacteria, both on the toilet brush and in the toilet brush stand / holder.
These pathogens (eg Legionella, E. coli bacteria, enterococci et al) threaten our health in the highest degree.
Particularly immunocompromised people as well as children and babies are affected.

The style of the toilet brush is touched after using the toilet by most people before washing hands and can therefore involve a number of viruses, germs and bacteria and transmitted.
Even in times of flu, for example, in the hand sneezing, coughing the toilet brush style can be contaminated with viruses.
Every time you use the toilet brush you can become infected with all these, sometimes multi-resistant pathogens.
Furthermore, the health-threatening germs and bacteria are not really removed when using the toilet brush but only distributed in the toilet.

Also syringes, drops, unpleasant odors, unsightly toilet brush and holder / stand, lack of hygiene, etc. are known to all of us.

All this does not have to be anymore.

with antibacterial silver ion technology.


Toilet hygiene has hardly seen any serious progress in the past decades.

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Environmental & social engagement

We attach great importance to environmental protection and social responsibility. "Made in Germany" makes it possible!

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About us

Countless days of thorough development work have finally resulted in one of the last great innovations of our time of inventive standstill: THE WC STICK.

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The WC-STICK is not used for cleaning the toilet, but for the hygienic removal of fecal residues immediately after using the toilet. This avoids the emergence, spread and infection of / with harmful bacteria, germs and viruses.

If you want to clean the toilet properly, this is done most effectively with a disinfectant detergent, a sponge and rubber gloves, which are then disposed of. The toilet brush smears and distributes only the germs and bacteria and ensures that the breeding grounds of the germs and bacteria spread more and more.

Anyone who does not want to give up the toilet brush can in any case create a hygiene advantage for their daily "business" with the WC-STICK.

It's as simple as that:

  1. Take a TIP by lateral pushing out from the dispenser.
  2. Insert the TIP with a slight twist in the WC-Stick. Now you can start with the removal of the residues (faeces) in the toilet:
  3. The TIP to the visible half briefly dip into the toilet water (moisten).
  4. Several times from top to bottom to wipe away the many soiling.
  5. After a few seconds, the TIP kinks, so that the residual cleaning can be completed by the resulting large contact surface with side swipes.
  6. The TIP by pressing the top button (like a ballpoint pen) eject.

Flush! And you're done!

Faeces simulated with green paste:

Faeces simulated optically realistic (!!)

   For reasons of hygiene, a toilet brush should be replaced every 3 to 6 weeks (depending on its use).
   In prestigious facilities and hotels, the service life of toilet brushes is considerably shorter.

   The WC-STICK will become the future standard of hygiene in private households, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and  
   everywhere where hygiene is important and the risk of harmful infections with germs, bacteria and viruses should be minimized.

   So why not benefit from this hygienic advantage at home, as well?


  • Toilet hygiene has hardly seen any serious progress in the past decades
  • The shortcomings of products in this area are almost always the same:
    When cleaning a toilet with a classic brush, faeces and toilet paper get caught between the bristles. The cleaning of dirty toilet brushes requires great effort and lacks any actual HYGIENE
  • Often, the area around the toilet is sprinkled with water while using a toilet brush
  • Water drops fall on the toilet seat and bathroom floor when placing the brush back into the holder after cleaning
  • The toilet brush and the brush stand / holder are excellent breeding grounds for dangerous germs and bacteria
  • In the brush holder, the contaminated dripping water of the brush collects and it smells after a short time usually not very pleasant.
  • Lime and other "residues" don't contribute to the visual appearance of your bathroom
  • The risk of infection with harmful germs, bacteria and viruses is very high.

Our solution: The WC-STICK !

Features of the WC-Stick

  • Easy handling
  • 100% hygienic application
  • Its antibacterial finish ensures 99.99% hygienic protection
    (Biomaster Protected)
  • No more drops or splash water
  • Mop your bathroom floor without moving the holder of your toilet brush around
  • Remove the cleaning TIP simply at the push of a button and flush it down the toilet
  • Unlike a toilet brush standing on the floor, the WC stick eliminates the risk for your children to get in contact with faeces, bacteria and the like
  • Mounting: - No drilling required. The adhesive wall attachment allows you to mount the stick practically anywhere and saves space on your bathroom floor
  • Low space requirement (merely the TIP dispenser box and the WC Stick)
  • The WC-STICK & dispenser box are recyclable
  • The TIPS are made of pulp, may be disposed of in the toilet and do not clog the toilet. The TIPS are also recyclable.

5 - year WARRANTY

How silver ions work

Eliminates in the shortest time and prevents new formation.


Biomaster protected

Biomaster has successfully been used by various industries and in many different areas of application for more than 10 years.

Based on a highly efficient silver-ion technology, masterbatches and compounds provide plastic surfaces with antibacterial protection over the entire service life of the respective product.

We have successfully integrated this technology into our WC Stick.

  • The antibacterial finish ensures up to 99.99% hygienic protection

Eliminates germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses in a short time.

For this reason, we can guarantee the safe use of the WC stick – both for the processor and the final user.

According to the EU directive 528/2012, silver ions can be used as biocides. The used Biomaster grades are registered as biocide products.
Our WC-Stick is a treated article, its antibacterial efficacy is tested according to ISO 22196:2011.

The involved active substances are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and therefore suitable for use in the US.


As we attach great importance to environmental protection, each of our production processes is conducted in Germany (MADE IN GERMANY).

All the required resources and materials exclusively originate from and are produced in Germany. To us, your and our health is an affair of the heart.

Did you know?

  • It is prescribed by law to dispose of toilet brushes as residual waste, just like tooth brushes.
    That means no recycling. The brush is simply burned. No need to mention the consequences for the environment.
  • In most cases, toilet brushes are produced abroad (e.g. in China) and imported to the consuming country where they also must be disposed of.
  • In general, toilet brushes must be replaced after only a few weeks (depending on the frequency of use).
    This has negative effects both for the environment and your wallet.

The WC STICK and all of its components and consumables (e.g. TIPS) are produced in Germany.
Our TIPS are recyclable and may be disposed of via the toilet as they dissolve in the water (like toilet paper) and will not clog the toilet..

The actual WC STICK is made of PP (polypropylene). It doesn't contain any hazardous materials. You will practically never have to dispose of it, which is why we grant you a 5-year WARRANTY period. Should you, however, want or have to dispose of it for whatever reason, be assured that the WC stick (and all included packaging) is entirely RECYCLABLE.

As you can see, we spare no effort to protect die environment - and that’s something we are proud of.

Social engagement

Not only do we produce our products and procure our raw materials in Germany, but we also assemble and pack the final goods here at home.

In this context, we collaborate with Lebenshilfe Gießen e.V. (https://www.lebenshilfe-giessen.de)

It is often difficult for people with handicap to find a job on the regular labour market. As a consequence, a disproportionate number of persons with handicap is affected by unemployment. Many companies rather pay the countervailing charge than recruiting persons with handicap.

Our business philosophy is a different one. In order to integrate people with handicap into the labour market, each of our products is assembled and packed in one of many different sheltered workshops in Germany.