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  The WC-Stick is used exclusively to remove the “leftovers” that could get stuck in the toilet bowl immediately after using the toilet and could not be removed by rinsing. So you do not have to use the toilet brush anymore. So the toilet brush remains clean and you can […]

Should I or can I clean my toilet with the ...

  Of course you can still use the toilet brush. BUT keep in mind: The toilet brush is the most unhygienic item in the household. In it, germs and bacteria that pose a significant health hazards multiply. Especially for toddlers, elderly or immunocompromised people, it represents a great risk. The […]

Why should I, as usual refrain, to the toilet brush?

  Not at all. For this, the WC-Stick is not intended. For about 2-3 years, there are rimless toilets. In new buildings and when exchanging toilets, there are no more built-in flushing rims. Thus, the standard of hygiene is generally increased. No flushing edge – no more germs and bacteria […]

How do I get with the toilet stick under the ...

  A single Tip can not clog the toilet! Never rinse several Tips at the same time or a Tip with extra toilet paper in the toilet. Of course, like too much toilet paper, it could clog the toilet. The water-saving pusher is usually sufficient that the Tip is flushed […]

Do not the Tips clog the toilet?

  Correct or powerful rinsing not only ensures free pipes it prevents blockages too. Out of habit or to save water, many people rinse only briefly or too little and believe in saving money or doing the environment something good. This is unfortunately WRONG. Rinsing too little will cause the […]

Why is powerful (right) flushing so important?

  To flush the TIP easily down, please remember that this must be soaked with water, otherwise is still too much air in it. As a rule, the normal cleaning process is sufficient so that the Tip has enough water and no more air. If the cleaning process is too […]

Why can not the TIP flush down?

  The WC-Stick can be fixed to the wall without drilling using specially suitable double-sided adhesive pads. Not everyone wants to drill holes in their beautiful tiles. The adhesive pads have been designed so that they adhere well even in bathrooms and toilets even in high humidity (for example, when […]

What advantages does the WC-Stick still have?

  “Biomaster protected” means that the WC-Stick contains silver ions. The silver ions germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed in a very short time to 99.99%. Biomaster has been used successfully worldwide for more than 10 years in numerous applications in medicine and various industrial sectors. The style of […]

Why is the WC-Stick “Biomaster protected”?

  Waste is not the same waste. The tips are made of cellulose and dissolve like toilet paper in water. The sewage treatment plants have no problems with it. Like toilet paper, they are filtered out and used for recycling and processed as fertilizer or fuel, from which energy is […]

Is not only more waste produced by the Tips?

  The environment is very important to us. That’s why we are very proud of our MADE IN GERMANY. With us, the toilet stick is made of recyclable plastic – unlike many toilet brushes. The tips are made of cellulose (toilet paper) and are also recyclable. The European eco-label (short […]

What is being done for the environment?