Do not the Tips clog the toilet?


A single Tip can not clog the toilet!

Never rinse several Tips at the same time or a Tip with extra toilet paper in the toilet.
Of course, like too much toilet paper, it could clog the toilet.
The water-saving pusher is usually sufficient that the Tip is flushed completely into the drainpipe and does not hang on the way there / somewhere.
By the way, it is always important to rinse well if you do not want a clogged toilet.

With too little water flow (flushing) clog most toilets after a short time (no matter whether flat / deep flusher, wall or floor drain), because at the red marked place the toilet paper can lie / hang, dry and at the next toilet, this is repeatedly until the drain is finally blocked.

The Tips are made of cellulose, which dissolves in the course of time like toilet paper in water.
Numerous tests were done to ensure this. Nevertheless, the Tip is stable enough to serve its purpose (removal of fecal matter).