Why is powerful (right) flushing so important?


Correct or powerful rinsing not only ensures free pipes it prevents blockages too.

Out of habit or to save water, many people rinse only briefly or too little and believe in saving money or doing the environment something good.

This is unfortunately WRONG.

Rinsing too little will cause the toilets and sewage pipes to clog over time, leaving residues in the sewage system. These must be additionally rinsed with plenty of water (even drinking water). This is associated with high costs, which in turn are allocated to us consumers by increasing the cost of water.

Fortunately, we live in one country (Germany) where there is NO water shortage. But to save water you have to consume water.

If all of them consumed more water, the cost of water would decrease permanently over time.

Source: Welt / N24  (online) as PDF