Is not only more waste produced by the Tips?


Waste is not the same waste.

The tips are made of cellulose and dissolve like toilet paper in water. The sewage treatment plants have no problems with it. Like toilet paper, they are filtered out and used for recycling and processed as fertilizer or fuel, from which energy is recovered.

For hygienic reasons, the toilet brushes should be replaced every 6 months (depending on use) and disposed of in residual waste (black trash can). The residual waste rots on the landfill or is burned. We know what causes burnt plastic in the environment. Mostly, the toilet brushes are also made in countries where you often do not use high quality plastic – the environmental impact is enormous.

The toilet stick is recyclable, should it no longer be desired. The durability is however 10-15 years.

The waste produced by discarded toilet brushes is many times more polluting than the recyclable tips.